Inpatient Rehab Therapy

Heal, rebuild, strengthen

A short term rehab stay is sometimes required after a hospital stay to continue recovery from surgery, illness, injury, stroke, or other conditions. Our expert therapists work with you to continue your recovery, help reach your health goals, and rebuild and strengthen to get you back to your independent lifestyle. Working with your doctor, we'll design a care plan that fits your needs, condition, age, and activity level. We’ll also help coordinate a seamless transition from the hospital to our facility, and back home again.

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Aquatic Therapy at Holton Manor

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Aquatic therapy is rehab therapy performed in a warm water pool. It can be used for relaxation, fitness, strength-building, and recovery following accident, illness, stroke and other conditions. Exercise performed in the water can bring relief to those who suffer from neuromuscular or musculoskeletal disorders. Aquatic therapy uses water resistance in place of gravity or weights, reduces pressure on joints, helps reduce pain and inflammation, and is a safe environment to improve balance and strength.


An underwater video camera allows therapists to monitor exercise, assess treatment and record progress. The warm water of Holton’s aquatic therapy pool is soothing, can help speed recovery and it’s fun. Our pool is available for both inpatient and outpatient rehab therapy, and aquatic therapy is often covered by Medicare.