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Outpatient Rehab Therapy

Outpatient therapy is available for all ages. If you need outpatient therapy following or prior to surgery, are recovering from an accident or injury, or are recuperating after an illness, call us! We’ll consult with you over the phone to determine your needs, then work with you and your doctor to design a care plan to get you back to your independent lifestyle quickly.

Modalities include occupational, speech and physical therapy as well as diathermy, ultrasound, restorative therapy and prehab.

If you started your therapy with us during a short-term rehab stay, you can continue your treatment with us after returning home. Our therapy team, who you've come to trust, can work with you as an outpatient also and  adjust your care plan to meet your changing needs as you move closer to your health goals. 

Prehab is conditioning prior to surgery to aid recovery. Click here or call for details.

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